I do not know if I will [be able to] maintain this service, however - whilst we all find ourselves in a unique position consequence of COVID-19, I am putting up this service for photography restoration.

As I shoot recreationally on 35mm film, I have a high resolution flatbed scanner that I use to digitise my developed negatives. Combined with my Photoshop experience, I am able to clean up and restore old photographs removing scratches, blemishes and to an extent repairing missing information as well as grading for contrast, skin tones and enhancing the quality in the image.

Perhaps in the spare time that many of us now find ourselves with, we are digging through the attic or rummaging the back of the wardrobe, finding the dusty shoeboxes of images (and goodness knows what other long forgotten hidden gems). So, this could be a welcome service for many. Be it an old print that looks a little worse for wear by now or the original negative itself, either well maintained and you'd just like digitised and spruced up or damaged itself and in need of repair.

See below, a Polaroid of my mum and nan circa 1966.

N.B. All images on this page are compressed for webpage loading time. While maintaining high quality detail, they are still compressed and not representing the full deliverable quality
First is a mobile phone scanning app using the phone's rear camera (modern smart phone). Followed by an untouched scan from the flatbed scanner. Below is the final retouched and edited version.
Additionally, below is a black and white negative from a roll of Kodak TMax 400 I shot in Cornwall, St. Ives
I am happy even to simply digitize your own 35mm negatives where the service in shops may otherwise be temporarily unavailable.

However this page may interest you, feel free to drop me a line and I am happy to arrange something reasonable for you.
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