Free photography
Hi, my name is Karl, I'm a stills photographer and currently the majority of my work is photographing candid, theatre, sport and portrait photography in schools across the UK. Working with children is an absolute joy and I love the idea that in 20 years or so, they will be able to look back at those images and recall such a formative time in their lives so vividly. However, I find myself seeking new challenges and I wish to offer a service that has similar longevity as the school photography. And to do this I need a portfolio to showcase, which is where you come in.
Something a little bit different
I am offering something that is a bit more personal, photographing groups of people who would like a day captured stylistically as candid, documentarian photography. This could be the most uneventful of days, a lazy Sunday in a family home, walking the dog, making Sunday dinner etc. Or a particular day that is more of a milestone like getting a dog, celebrating an achievement or enjoying a hobby. There are no limits, the only tenet being that the day's images would showcase a time and place to happily ruminate on in years to come.
In exchange for free photography
All edited images will be delivered to you as high resolution digital images. A part of the paid for package will include a coffee table style photobook likened to documentary photobooks that I will compose bespoke to each photoshoot. And while this won't be a part of this free offer, you are welcome to purchase a book (cost TBC). You will receive digital versions of the images for free regardless and can print however you please with those.
First come, first served
So with all of that said, I would like to offer you a day of photography with myself for free in exchange for the chance to test my ideas conceptually and stylistically and use as part of my portfolio. If you are interested, please use the below to sign up. I will contact you to arrange a time.
Thank you!
While I don't have licence to the work I do in schools, here are some personal photographs of my own shot on a mix of digital and black and white film developed at home. Although, I don't currently have many to hand where I am reorganising, it offers a very small taste of my style.
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